Today, Sierra and Bianca Casady, the sister duo who perform as CocoRosie, return with a new collaboration with Chance The Rapper. The track “Roo” is co-written, produced and performed by CocoRosie, as part of Chance The Rapper’s new album The Big Day.

CocoRosie is the music-based project of American cross-disciplinary performance artists Sierra and Bianca Casady. Their songs blend a myriad of styles and references from hip-hop to folk and opera with a focus on beat programming and production using found objects, children’s toys and other unique percussion to create a particular atmosphere of nostalgia and mystery. Taken as a whole, CocoRosie’s music is an ongoing psychologically intimate dialogue between the siblings. Each sister has multiple personae and vocal styles; Bianca delivers troubadourian-style-rap while Sierra often responds with ethereal tones while accompanying their voices on harp, piano, or guitar.

In their sixteen years as CocoRosie, the sisters Sierra and Bianca Casady have released six albums: Heartache City (2015), Tales of A Grass Widow (2013), Grey Oceans (2010), The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn (2007), Noah's Ark (2005), and their first album, La Maison de Mon Reve (2004)


new edda dates at aarhus theater, denmark: october 14-20, 2017

EDDA premiered in Oslo at Det Norske Teatret in February, 2017 and received Hedda awards for best scenography and staging, best costumes, and best ensemble performance! 

EDDA will be produced in Denmark in October, 2017 at Aarhus, and there are upcoming performances in Reykjavik and Brooklyn in 2018!

welcome to the angel show


Written and directed by Bianca Casady

A multimedia theatre concert which takes you through the wake of “The Dead Mother” – a 3 day ceremony to witness and help process her life before her soul can fully leave her body.

Performances take place at Østfold University College/Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad, Norway on Oct 12, 13, & 14


Angel Show 1.jpg

photo by J.M. Ruellan

oregon eclipse festival & symbiosis gathering


two performances

*Eclipse Stage*
Sun, August 20 from 5:15PM-7:00PM

*Big Top Tent*
Mon, August 21 from 9:30PM-10:45PM

smoke 'em out

Today, we share a new song to inspire the weary-disappointed hearts of so many crest-fallen citizens. We just started working on a new album, but “Smoke ‘em Out” begged to be turned loose on the world now, as a means of participation during these turbulent yet invigorating times. 

Joined on guest vocals by our fellow Future Feminist ANOHNI, “Smoke ‘em Out” welcomes the new character who will be occupying the White House with a mob of women and children armed with forks and knives. In the wake of this un-natural disaster, we feel a call to rise, shout, and burn the house down.